~ Welcome Spring ~

Now that Spring has found lovely Downtown Enumclaw, it’s time to fill up those flower beds and Social Calendars!

There are just so many fun things going on about town and I wanted to share just a few of my favorites!

Spring Blog Store

The arrival of all the glorious Garden and Spring Décor Items at Rusty Romance Antique Boutique! Make sure to stop by to check out the lovely new items arriving daily!


Spring Blog SH

Downtown Enumclaw “Shop Hop” is a fabulous way to visit the lovely small businesses that call Enumclaw home. Come take advantage of discounted prices, refreshments, games and drawings for fabulous FREE prizes!

…………March 21st thru March 31st………………………….


Spring Blog FF

FARM & FRILLS ~ This is when the Expo Center in Lovely Enumclaw is overrun with truckloads of happy shoppers looking for the perfect shabby chic and rustic treasures! No one leaves disappointed from this event!

………………………May 11th & May 12th……………………..


Spring Blog WW

Fabulously FUN and growing in popularity, the Spring Enumclaw Wine Walk! Literally, over a thousand people attended this event and for good reason! Come for the amazing wine selection, stay for the food and shopping!

…………………………May 19 5-9pm……………………………..


Spring Blog BW

Growing in popularity the Enumclaw Beer Walk is back by popular demand. This one sells out F.A.S.T so make sure to get your tickets early! Delicious beers and ciders along with tasty refreshments. The perfect time for some fun with friends!

………………………….June 23 5-9pm……………………………


When you are in town enjoying all the beauty and fun Enumclaw has to offer make sure to include a trip to Rusty Romance Antique Boutique!!

Can’t wait to see you all,

Antique of the Week

van 1I found so many wonderful treasures over the past week but if I had to pick a favorite, this Antique Vanity/Commode would be it!

van 2

Solid and Sturdy, featuring a beveled glass mirror and one of the prettiest tile backsplashes I have ever encountered!

van 3

When people cut old marble like this to install a sink I usually cringe but not this time! This beauty would make the PERFECT bathroom Vanity!

I am in love with the idea of turning this into a Coffee/Tea Bar. What about your own handsome Cocktail Bar to show off gorgeous crystal decanters, the options are endless.

What I do know is that I get to enjoy it and help to find its next forever home.


Walla Walla….. What a week!!

I couldn’t wait to share a snapshot of my Rusty Romance Week!

I have been trying to expand my “Picking Territory” and really focused on getting out into some new areas. The past week has found me in Oregon, Vancouver, Chehalis, Olympia and Walla Walla.

Along the way, I met some great folks, saw some beautiful scenery and found amazing pieces!


Incredible old Farm House, shockingly huge.


Sad that it is empty, it is just so welcoming!


Imagine taking the buggy to Church every Sunday.

Stop by the store to check out the new arrivals I picked up along the way! I can’t wait to share some of their stories with you!

Have a Great Week ~



A New Obsession Is Born…

If you know me then you know that “pickin'” is my addiction! I am always looking, keeping my ear to the ground, scouting out possible locations or day dreaming about what may lie behind the front door of every old home.

Since opening Rusty Romance Antique Boutique I have been very privileged to be approached by many lovely people looking to downsize, clean out or just clean up their lives. I have done quite a few house calls and have been honored to pick some local area barns.

You can truly find just about anything in old barns! It is like Christmas morning for me when that big old door starts to roll or creak open. The moment the dust meets the incoming beams of sunlight I feel at home.

More than just what may be lovingly preserved and waiting for me in the shadows, there is the Barn itself….my new obsession!


My most recent experience was at this fabulous and shockingly HUGE barn! Built in 1934, it is on the Historical Registry and for good reason!

Every Proper Farm must come with a sweet old Lab to keep you company during your adventures and serve as a tour guide. This lovely old man was the perfect host!


There is no real way to put this picture into the proper scale and show how massive it is! In the center is the old Antique hay pulley, which looks tiny from where I stand but in actuality is the size of a VW Bug!


The architecture, craftsmanship, acoustics and construction is simply awe inspiring! I wish they could bottle the smell of hay, grain, dust, rust and years of hard work and aging wood. I would buy that essential oil by the bucket full!


Barns shelter animals, house equipment and keep the secrets of first kisses in haylofts. They are the best place for big adventures for small boys, perfect for hide and seek and serve as a social gathering places. Their old wood slats make the best dance floors. Barns stand tall and strong, silent sentinels that watch over their Farms.


The next time you drive down a back road or by one of these sun weathered beauties take a moment to daydream about its life well lived.


I Heard the Call

From the day Rusty Romance opened I heard one similar statement – ”Where is the Chalk Paint?”

The business that had occupied my space before me had been a chalk paint haven, selling chalk paint and chalk paint accessories, and even teaching chalk painting classes.

My customers’ want for the product and their desire to be able to purchase it locally rang out loud and clear. I was on it!!

I have been making my Chalk Paint, using my own “Secret” Formula”, for years, and now I had the opportunity to share it with my community! I rolled up my sleeves, burned the midnight oil and Rusty Romance Chalk Paint was born!

CP Blog 1

Over the years I have worked hard to find the perfect colors: A cream that wasn’t too yellow, a white that wasn’t grey or blue, a pink that wasn’t too Pepto-colored, etc. I believe I have achieved just the right balance and I hope you do to!

My Rusty Romance Chalk Paint line features 19 curated colors, lovingly crafted for the perfect finishing touch to your unique piece.

I put my paint to the true test in my own store. I have a tiny bathroom in the back of my shop that was painted in a very old high gloss paint. Nothing would stick. It left brush marks and was an overall mess!

CP Blog 2

I used an 8 oz. jar of Longview Haze, which is a lovely medium grey tone, and the result was far better than I could have dreamed – one coat, full coverage, no brush marks and a lovely soft matte finish!

CP Blog 3

I painted the cute shabby table in my “40’s Farmhouse” green, and the old wood floor I did with a durable outdoor patio paint.

CP Blog 4A

I love the end result! Just a cute simple little bathroom that is clean, fresh and charming!

CP Blog 4B

Stop by and we can chat about Chalk Paint!


What a Difference 5 Weeks Can Make!

Pic 1 Blog 170807

It took 5 weeks from the day I signed my Lease until I opened my door.

Pic2 Blog 170807

This 5 week whirlwind took 22 gallons of paint, a gross of building supplies, 2 barn doors, 129 crystal strands, tears, hours of labor donated by cherished friends, a very patient family, blood, sweat and smiles!

Pic3 Blog 170807

In the end I got more than just a beautiful little business that I am so proud of! I now have a collage of the sweetest memories all wrapped inside these 4 walls. I see the result of all the hard work, I look around and can still hear the laughter over the construction noise. I can picture my Mom and Dad working right along side me to help make my dream come true. This store is filled with a lot of love and memories.

I am thrilled to see what the future holds for Rusty Romance Antique Boutique. If you are in my neck of the woods stop by for some Sweet Tea, Snickerdoodles and a chat!

Have a Great Week!