What a Difference 5 Weeks Can Make!

Pic 1 Blog 170807

It took 5 weeks from the day I signed my Lease until I opened my door.

Pic2 Blog 170807

This 5 week whirlwind took 22 gallons of paint, a gross of building supplies, 2 barn doors, 129 crystal strands, tears, hours of labor donated by cherished friends, a very patient family, blood, sweat and smiles!

Pic3 Blog 170807

In the end I got more than just a beautiful little business that I am so proud of! I now have a collage of the sweetest memories all wrapped inside these 4 walls. I see the result of all the hard work, I look around and can still hear the laughter over the construction noise. I can picture my Mom and Dad working right along side me to help make my dream come true. This store is filled with a lot of love and memories.

I am thrilled to see what the future holds for Rusty Romance Antique Boutique. If you are in my neck of the woods stop by for some Sweet Tea, Snickerdoodles and a chat!

Have a Great Week!



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