Rusty Romance on the Road

I love my daughter, I love my dad, and I love finding old treasures in new places! And what better way to combine all three than to head out with my daughter on the ultimate road trip from Seattle to see Dad in Missouri!

It was a four-day journey, including pit stops to see my sister, brother, nephew and nieces in Idaho, and a fun day with a good friend in South Dakota! Plus a lot of Wyoming and a lot of driving. A lot of driving!

But we made it, and seeing my dad hug his granddaughter was worth every minute of it! And a bonus – there are amazing treasures all over this part of the country!


My dad has many friends in the local Amish and Mennonite community, and we got to see some lovely pieces with incredible workmanship. Plus we had some fun along the way, showing off our fashion sense and enjoying some tasty treats!


I can’t wait to get home to show you some of my fantastic finds! Stay tuned!


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