My EPIC DIY Project: The Final Phase!!

Well, if you are like me the Holiday got away from you! There was so much fun, food and family to squeeze into such a small window of time. I hope your Holiday was as wonderful as mine.

Before we rolled into the Christmas season I wanted to share Part 3 of my Massive DIY Project!

When we left off I had just finished painting the tile, painting the room, re-finishing the fixtures, adding flare and new color to the vanities as well as replacing the old hardware. I CAN see the finish line!

There are many tuitorials on how to frame out an outdated Contractor mirror so I didn’t drill down too deep on the cutting process for this wood. Purchase yourself a good miter box and saw, measure at least TWICE and cut once.

The trim wood is super affordable and easy to cut. Once you have your pieces cut it is important to paint them before installing them. Trust me…paint them first, it will save you a lot of time and touch up work.

Blog 3-02

Make sure to paint the under side where you will be adding your adhesive. You can see this side in the mirror reflection so make sure that you paint the ends as well.

Blog 3-03

Once your trim has dried thoroughly you are ready to install!! Almost immediate gratification, I love quick drying projects!

Blog 3-04a

I can’t recommend this product highly enough! Power Grip truly ROCKS! I was skeptical when the label stated “Set in 10 seconds” but it did not disappoint! Using my caulking gun this was a breeze. It gives you just enough time to get each piece in place before you can no longer move them.

Blog 3-04

On my Vanity mirror I had a very odd angle so I knew going in that there would be some creativity needed in making this look finished. Of course, there are seams at the corners.

Blog 3-5a

blog 3-06-1

I again used my caulking gun and a tube of your basic paintable caulking to fill and smooth.

blog 3-06-2

blog 3-07

In the deep seams at my challenging angle it took three coats until I got it just the way I wanted. There was some dry time in between layers but it turned out well and was ready to paint in no time!


Blog 3-01


blog 3-aftermirror

I am so pleased at how these turned out!

You know when people say “Saving the BEST for last?” Well, that was not my intention here; mine was saving the HARDEST for last!

Let me refresh your memory….the tile in this massive shower is done! My issue is that I didn’t want to do the shower floor with the tile paint. As wonderful as this epoxy paint turned out I wasn’t confident that it would hold up to the amount of scrubbing I do in my shower. So, I searched for an alternative that would give me the high-end SPA retreat feel that I was going for.

At first I fell in LOVE with the idea of Teak. Imagine a gorgeous Teak floor in a shower? I was starry eyed until I talked to a local Exotic Wood Distributor who quickly brought me back to reality when he quoted the price! GOOD GRIEF!!! What they did recommend was a Brazilian Hard Wood called Massa that has the same waterproof qualities that Teak possesses at a fraction of the price. Massa was only $2.30 a foot, the most expensive part was paying them to cut and ease the 3-inch 14-foot pieces.

blog 3-08blog 3-09

I placed my order and waited impatiently for 2 weeks. While I was waiting for my order I did some clean up on the shower floor. I didn’t want the over painted white epoxy showing through the slats in the wood.

blog 3-13a

This was much more time consuming than I anticipated. I went through a lot of razor blades and elbow grease! Don’t let my smile fool you – I was not having a great time. It was worth it though!

Once my wood arrived I sealed the wood with this amazing oil:

blog 3-10a

You only have to oil the wood once every 3 to 6 months. You simply wipe it on, massage it in well and wait for 30 mins.

Make sure when you are purchasing your screws go for stainless steel screws or deck screws. Something that will resist rust from the constant moisture of the shower.

blog 3-12

This exotic wood is VERY HARD! Many drill bits were sacrificed in the making of this flooring before I figured out the best way to go about it. Start each screw hole with a bit slightly smaller than the screw you will be using. Finish the top of your screw hole using a much larger drill bit leaving a space big enough to flush set your screw heads.

Once you have this portion of your floor done I would recommend protecting your investment of time and energy. Use a clear waterproof caulking on top of each screw hole.


blog 3-10b

I then added waterproof feet on the underneath side to stop any possible slipping and to raise it up just a little more off the wet shower floor.

blog 3-11

Because of the shape of my shower I had to make two separate pieces, one for the main portion of the shower and then a smaller piece for the shower entry.


blog 3-beforeshower


blog 3-13b


blog 3-beforeshower2


blog 3-14a

The end result is exactly what I was hoping for. ACTUALLY, it turned out much better than I anticipated!

Now that all of the work is done it is time to show off the Before and After pictures on this project! ( This is my favorite part…when it’s DONE!


blog 3-beforesink


blog 3-beforesink3


blog 3-beforesink2


blog 3-18


blog 3-17


blog 3-beforetub


blog 3-15

blog 3-19

blog 3-16b

This home now has a lovely spa retreat! Thank you for following along throughout the process. What will the future bring? (Hint: I’m feeling kitcheney!)


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